2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space

[2015-09-11] / Institute of Spatial Planning "Urbanica" presents Integral Rating of Hundred Largest Cities of Russia

Housing, congestion of the transport system, the availability of modern formats of consumption, the level of crime, the possibility of acquiring property, the level of expenditure on housing, purchasing power and many other critical criteria formed the basis for rating of the hundred largest cities of Russia, which will be presented at the Forum by experts of Institute of Spatial Planning "Urbanica". Rating concerns cities with the largest population (above the level of 173 thousand people), representing 44% of the country population. Using official data from Rosstat, major consulting and real estate agencies, as well as from research and development institutes, Institute of Spatial Planning "Urbanica" managed to develop a special system of evaluation of the most important aspects of life for the average citizen of the city.  

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