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The Space for Choice and Choice of Space

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Welcome to the Press-Center of the XIV All-Russia Forum - Strategic Planning in Regions and Cities of Russia! 


This section of the Forum website is dedicated to working with the Mass Media representatives.


We invite the Mass Media to become Information Partners of the Forum! 


For the accreditation and partnership information, as well as comments from participants and experts you need to contact the press service of the Forum (e-mail: and Elena Chetvergova (Tel: (812) 746-88-72, 7 - 921-935-45-31, Fax: (812) 570-38-14, e-maill:



16.12.2015 : Final Recommendations to XIV All-Russian Forum

Final version of recommendations about the actions of XIV All-Russian Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: The Space for Choice and Choice of Space" is published on the Forums site in the section Materials.