2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space


Expert Panel
Management Strategy - from Document to the Result


Issues of strategy realisation is often neglected. However, it is the implementation of strategies, concepts and other documents of planning and forecasting of socio-economic development, that remains a sore point. To some extent, this has led to the devaluation of the institution of regional strategies. Analysis and comparison of best practices to create and use mechanisms for the implementation of regional strategies can provide significant support to the development of the institute of strategic planning at the level of the subjects of Federation. Questions for discussion:
is it possible to adapt the system of strategic planning to the requirements of the existing institutions of regional bureaucracy or it is needed to adapt regional management structures to work in a long-term strategy development?
how can modern educational, managerial and information technologies be useful in introduction of strategic planning and management by objectives into the work of regional authorities, and which risks can be created by their use?
planning the future - how will the system of region management look like on the horizon of strategic planning (in 2025, 2030, 2040 years)?

Organizers: The Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activities of the Leningrad Region

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Yalov Dmitry, Leningrad Region Administration. Vice-Governor - Chairman of the committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity

On the system of implementation of the Strategy of socio-conomic development of Leningrad region

Koroleva Anna, Ministry of Economic Development of Kaluga Region. Head of Macroeconomic Forecasting and Regulatory Impact Assessment Department

Implementation of the strategy of the Kaluga region: achievements and plans

Ponomareva Svetlana, The Department of Strategic Planning of the Vologda region. Head of the Department for strategic planning

Project Management in the Implementation Processes of Strategy Development: Opportunities and Limitations of Acting Regulatory Framework. Practical Experience of the Vologda Region in Developing the Strategy 2030

Kisel Anna, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Head of the division of integrated strategic planning and socio-economic development of territories

Khodachek Alexander, Higher School of Economics - Saint Petersburg. President

Bumagin Eugene, Saint-Petersburg Chapter PMI. President

Kozyrev Aleksandr, North-Western Institute of Management of the Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Deputy Head of Department of Strategy of territorial development and quality of life; professor

Makushkin Alexey, Center for Strategic Research. Director for Economic and International Studies

Shepilov Alexander, Representative Office of the Chelyabinsk region at the Government of the Russian Federation. Head

Gerasimov Roman Leningrad Region Administration. Russian journalist, TV host, business coach