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The Space for Choice and Choice of Space

Information Partners


Russian News Agency TASS

TASS is a state Russian news agency. Established in 1904. More than 1000 employees in 60 foreign and 70 regional centers ensure the on-line work of the agency. TASS produces the line of various informational, audio- and video- products and services concerning socio-political, economical, international, scientific, cultural, sport and other themes in Russian and English languages.

«Rossiyskaya  gazeta»

«Rossiyskaya  gazeta» today is a modern multimedia platform that daily provides readers with the most recent, trustworthy and major information about regional, federal and world wide events. News, journalistic stories, exclusive interviews and comments from state officials and most powerful business, political and cultural representatives. «Rossiyskayagazeta» makers are famous journalist, experts, analytics, prestigious columnists and special correspondents all over the  world.
Media holding of «Rossiyskayagazeta» include: «Rossiyskayagazeta» - daily nationwide newspaper; «Rossiyskayagazeta- Business» - weekly economical and business newspaper; «Rossiyskayagazeta- Nedelya» -weekly nationwide social and political newspaper ; «Rodina» - monthly historical magazine; RG.RU- news social and political web site;International project Russia Beyond the Headlines - monthly supplements about Russia in leading global media.

"Parlamentskaya Gazeta"

"Parlamentskaya Gazeta" is a weekly socio-political edition of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the official publisher of legislation. The newspaper informs readers about the most important initiatives of the Federation Council and the State Duma, and the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, accompanying materials deployed expert opinion in addition to offering analysis. The newspaper publishes weekly with a circulation of 67,000 copies. 

Ekonomika I Zhizn’ All-Russia Newspaper

Founded on 6 November 1918, Ekonomika I Zhizn is the oldest high-volume economic weekly in Russia, as well as the most reputable B2B edition. The newspaper is distributed by subscription in all regions of the Russian Federation, and its audience is more than half a million readers per issue (according to TNS Gallup Media). The mission of the newspaper is to support business management and services with the economical and financial expertise. The weekly advises on corporate governance, business and financial management, as well as taxation, accounting, legislation in different fields of law, legal defence of the business interests in the arbitration court. It analyzes and predicts the economy developments in Russia and globally.


“Gudok” Publishing House

“Gudok” Publishing House is one of the major industry mass media producers in Russia – both printed and multimedia. The company activity started in 1917 with launching “Gudok” newspaper – the oldest periodical in the territory of the former USSR. Today, this federal level daily paper is the leading transport industry mass media in the CIS and the Baltic states/ The product line of “Gudok” Publishing House is a wide range of periodicals for millions of readers’ audience from transport industry, helping transport market participants in solving various marketing tasks





Online Newspaper ""

"" is the biggest social and political e–newspaper, it is one of the biggest informational portals of RuNet – for 16 years it has been providing readers with the news about events in social, political, economic and sports life of Russia and of the world. The project combines the best qualities of paper journalism with advantages of internet-version, and combination of high quality analytics and relevant news sets it apart from other competitors. Managers, specialists with higher education and stable income form the target audience. About 300 thousand people visit resource every day.       


Magazine "Expert North-West"

"Expert North-West" - leading business analytical magazine of the North-West Federal District, which is deeply and professionally studying economics, business, social and political processes in the region.The magazine is not limited to facts and figures, and gives readers a volumetric and reliable information, is trends, analysis, forecasts, ratings, describing the state of industries, publishing interviews with key figures in the business."Expert North-West" – the magazine for those who make the decisions!

Journal Business Partner News

Journal Business Partner News - information-analytical publication.In each issue - opinions known economists,government officials, experts on the development of business in Russia. The main objectives of the magazine - to facilitate partnerships Russian business, business cooperation, exchange of experiences and the development of international relations, cultural understanding, and international business contacts.


Bellona.RU is one of the most visited environmental informational portals in the Russian sector of the Internet. Every day journalists and experts deliver relevant and in-depth information about environmental problems in Russia, energy issues, environmental legislation, climate and urban development. Publisher of Bellona.RU is the Environmental Rights Center BELLONA.

Magazine "Municipality: Economy and Management"

Covers the issues of economy and management at the level of municipalities as well as legal regulation of realization of the right of the population on local self-government. Discussion of the problems of management by municipal economy and local finances, of municipal services, land-use issues, the problems of separation of municipal property and interbudgetary relations take an important place on the pages of the magazine. 


Publishing House "Budget"

The publishing house "Budget" for 12 years has been a reliable partner for readers, authors and clients. It offers the most important and reflecting real events information. The main activities of the publishing house include the magazine "Budget", the magazine "Budget accounting", the finance and economic portal "", the training centre "Budget".

ETAP*: Economic Theory, Analysis, and Practice 

The journal covers the processes of economic development of the country, analyses the practical effects of the science theories, innovations, and ideas. It is based on an integrated research and a practice approach to the economic problems.

*In Russian, the word “ETAP” means “a stage.

Samoregulirovanie & Business

Our mission is the information support of self-regulation in business environment


Magazine “North-West: Strategy of the Partnership” 

Magazine “North-West: Strategy of the Partnership” is an official body of ANO «Partnership North-West». 
Objectives of the edition are forming of an attractive investment image of North-West federal district and also its regions. 


Autonomous Noncommercial Organization "Agency For Strategic Initiatives in Promotion of New Projects"

Autonomous Noncommercial Organization "Agency For Strategic Initiatives in Promotion of New Projects" ( has been created under the directive of the government of the Russian Federation dated August 11, 2011. The Agency provides support for commercial, social and educational projects in overcoming administrative and regulatory barriers, performing comprehensive expert evaluations and fundraising (through financial and development institutions).

The ASI also has a separate area of activity – systemic projects for the improvement of the investment climate, industrial growth through improved staffing, additional education of children and providing a new quality of life for people with disabilities.  According to the instructions of Chairman of the ASI Supervisory Board, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Agency also implements the National Technological Initiative and the system of support for non-commodity exports "Investment Lift for Medium-Sized Companies". 



16.12.2015 : Final Recommendations to XIV All-Russian Forum

Final version of recommendations about the actions of XIV All-Russian Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: The Space for Choice and Choice of Space" is published on the Forums site in the section Materials.