2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space


Round Table
Urban-Rural Partnership for Sustainable Development: Place-based Approach


This is the concluding event of the FORUM GREEN DAY promoting common urban-rural agenda and new thinking, focusing on sustainable communities, regional equity and smart growth in urban and rural areas. It will focus on the new policy directions, place-based approach, responding to the changing nature of boundaries between urban and rural places with their close interconnections and interdependencies.

Organizers: Committee on Spatial Planning and Development of the Baltic Sea Region VASAB, Council of the Baltic Sea States, ICSER Leontief Centre

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Linkaits Talis, VASAB. Head of Secretariat

Welcome Address

Kawka Dr. Rupert, Urban affairs and Spatial Development within the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. Scientific project manager

Smaller German Cities as Anchors for Regional Development - Function and Funding

Glaser Michael, Metropolitan Area Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot. Director

Urban-rural cooperation in the metropolitan area Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot

Johansen Alf, Innovation Network . Secretary General

Transnational cooperation to create a sustainable transport navigation between regions and cities in Europe and Scandinavia

Tompson William, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Senior Counsellor, Regional Development Policy Division

Promoting integrated development in a context of demographic change

Häkämies Kari, Regional Council of Southwest Finland. Region Mayor

Southwest Finland

Talvet Sille, Regional Development Centre, Enterprise Estonia. Director of Regional Development Centre

Supporting regional partnerships

Goermar Wilfried Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. Deputy Head of Division
Oding Nina ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Research Department