2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space


Round Table
The Future of the Russian Arctic Region: Strategic Management and Planning


Russian Arctic zone is strategically important for sustainable socio-economic development and national security of Russia. Goals, objectives and activities for the development of the Arctic zone and its elements, that are pledged in valid documents, are loosely interconnected, insufficiently prioritized and balanced in terms of financing. It is necessary to ensure coordinated and targeted development of an Arctic zone, to establish forms of interregional cooperation, define common goals, objectives and priorities for the development of the region, recorded in all regions of the Russian Federation, to form a clear system for the strategic management and planning area. It is also needs to consider the question on the institutionalization of the system of management of development of the Russian Arctic zone.

Organizers: National Research University Higher School of Economics, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Northern (Arctic) Federal University

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Kadochnikov Sergey, HSE St.Petersburg. Director

Human capital and universities: features of profile for the territory of the Arctic zone

Espiritu Aileen Aseron, The Barents Institute of UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Researcher, PhD

View at the future of the Arctic: civil justice in urban communities

Abramyan Rafael, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Director of the Department for Development of Interregional and Cross-Border Cooperation

Olshevskiy Alexander, Federal State Institution The Northern Sea Route Administration. Head

State regulation of the Northern Sea Route

Milenina Era, Joint stock company reseach and design institute of urban development. Director for Science

Strategy of spatial development of the Arctic zone

Gladysheva Irina, NORTHERN ARCTIC FEDERAL UNIVERSITY , Higher School of Economics and Management. Director, Higher School of Economics and Management NARFU

Questions and Issues of Staffing Address Strategic Goals of Development of the Russian Arctic

Bukharova Evgeniya, Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Study Siberian Federal University. Director

Mechanisms of differentiated spatial policy in subject of the Federation (on the example of Krasnoyarsk region)

Ilina Irina Institute for Regional Studies and Urban Planning NRU "Higher school of economics". Director



Forks in the management of of the Arctic area: strategic planning at the regional and federal levels

Ilina Irina, Institute for Regional Studies and Urban Planning NRU "Higher school of economics". Director