2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space


Round Table. Session 2
Draft Law on Public Administration of Maritime Activities and New Powerful Initiatives in Marine Management


It is interesting to discuss at the meeting:
- progress in the development of the draft federal law "On state control of maritime activities of the Russian Federation";
- possible directions and mechanisms of improving the management of maritime activities in view of the implementation of the Federal Program "World Ocean" at 2016-31 years, which concept is approved by disposal of Government of the Russian Federation.

Organizers: Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation, Russian State Hydrometeorological University

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Khmeleva Ekaterina, Worlwide Wildlife Fund. Head of Environmental Law Program

On the division of powers of the Russian Federation and the subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of marine nature use

Lappo Andrei, Research and Design Institute of Urban Development. Technical Director

Public administration act on marine management. View by spatial planner

Korneev Oleg, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Head of the Arctic Environment Offshore Engtniring

Integrated management of marine nature use - an important part of the system of State administration of maritime activities

Domnin Dmitry, Atlantic Branch of P.P.Shirshovs Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences. Researcher

Scientific and methodical approaches to the assessment of nutrient load in the marine areas of South Eastern Baltic region while implementing an Action Plan HELCOM by Russia

Mikhaylichenko Yuriy Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Adviser
Plink Nikolai Russian State Hydrometeorological University. Head of ICM Department