2015 Forum Theme

The Space for Choice and Choice of Space


Round Table
Increasing Regional Competitiveness: New Challenges


World is changing! Competition is growing. It is building a new socio-economic model of development: modernization of "modern socio-economic system" in parallel building up "new intelligent future socio-economic system". Within these conditions new challenges of regional development are forming. People fully become a central element of the new system. Review of current challenges to regional competitiveness and strategic responses to them will be given in the reports and speeches of representatives of successful and active Russian regions.

Organizers: AV Group (supported by Association of regional investment agencies), Regions-Russia Association

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Krylovskiy Alexey, AV Investment Consulting Company LLC (AV LLC). CEO

How to ensure the growth of regional competitiveness?

Galas Igor, Ministry of economy of Krasnodar Region. Minister of Economy of the Krasnodar Region

Creating conditions for improving competitiveness of the Krasnodar region. Priorities, prospects, challenges

Yukhachev Sergey, Administration of the Tambov region. Head of Department of economic policy

Mechanisms to enhance the competitiveness of regions in modern conditions

Abaleshev Aleksandr, The Ministry of Economic Development of Stavropol region. Deputy Minister

Kadochnikov Sergey, HSE St.Petersburg. Director

Technological competence, clusters and international integration - key factors of regional competitiveness

Varianik Vladislav, LLC "Key Partner". Deputy Director

Investigation of the relationship of volume of attracted investments, economy structure and investment climate in the region

Chernishova Nataliya, Institute for Public Finance Reform. Head of Strategic Researches Department

Mechanisms to enhance competitiveness and stimulate the development of territories

Kopychenko Galina, Institute for Regional Studies and Urban Planning NRU "Higher school of economics". Expert

Possibilities of increasing regional competitiveness in a new environment strategy development

Matienko Igor, AV Investment Consulting Company LLC (AV LLC). COO

Krylovskiy Alexey AV Investment Consulting Company LLC (AV LLC). CEO
Yakupov Linar Regions-Russia Association. President